Best Quality Gentle Snake Tongs

Designed for secure holding and the most humane handling of heavy-bodied snakes. A triple coated top jaw combined with the smooth surface lower jaw reduce the snake’s ability of motion. The extra wide 2-1/4″ gentle grip disperses pressure and allows for faster gripping and less chance of escape which is especially important when handling water and tree dwelling snakes. Ergonomic handle. Lightweight aluminum with stainless steel cable and spring. 40″ long.

Product Description

Gentle Snake tongs

Gentle Giant line of tongs was constructed for one of the most humane controlling of snakes! Important features include:

  • Triple rubber coated top jaw results in drag on top of the snake’s body for secure grasping.
  • Lower jaw has been polished which in turn creates a smooth surface, decreasing snake’s potential of forward motion.
  • Constructed of blue aircraft grade aluminum tubing having a concealed stainless steel cable and spring

Why use the extra wide jaw?

This 2 1/4 inch wide gentle grip disperses pressure spanning a significantly greater surface area of the snake’s entire body, removing the potential of direct pressure between individual ribs, and also decreasing the chance of musculo skeletal injury. A broader, gentler jaw will allow quicker gripping which is a advantage when dealing with or capturing types of water snakes and tree dwelling snakes that can be infamously fast and hard to restrain, reducing the danger of injury or escape.

Test results show how the Gentle Giant’s 2 1/4 inch wide jaws eliminate stress in a great many situations, allowing the animals to be handled in a more comfortable state when compared with other tongs now available in the reptile industry. Some species that react radically to capture by regular tongs are actually significantly less combative when controlled by the Gentle Giant Tongs.

We offer four different options on the Gentle Giant Tongs.

40″ Giant Snake Tong

A great tong for moving venomous snakes

The top jaw of this tongs is triple rubber coated to create drag on the top of the snake body while the lower jaw is polished for a smooth surface which reduced a snake ability of forward motion.  Constructed of blue Aluminum Tubing with a concealed steel cable and spring .



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