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The Reptile tongs company is making the snake handling tools from their forefather like a family of iron smith start this work 39 years ago from a small manufacturing unit and work hard to make the quality of their work. This gave them huge success in their field and people who buy products from them gavvve a very positive review and feedback as well


This company is making the best quality Snake Tongs, Professional Snake Hook, Gentle Snake Tongs,  Dog Grabber, Cat Grabber, Animal Grabber,  Pinky Pump, Snake Sex Kit,


High-Quality Snake tongs is in different size like 25 inches, 30 inches, 35 inch, 40 inch, 45 inch and 50 inches,

They’re manufactured using Aluminum Metal, a steel cable inside the tongs which make pressure strong or light according to your need.

The wider jaw distributes holding pressure over a larger area to prevent trauma to the animal and provides more holding power to the handler. These tongs also feature

1) anodized heavy duty aluminum tube,

2) pistol grip handle for one hand operation,

3) strong cast aluminum handle, lever, and extra wide tong jaws,

4) stainless steel aircraft quality cable

5) concealed stainless steel jaw spring.

We also offer a large variety of other animal equipment such as snake tongs and hooks, cat graspers, paste baits, bird and animal nets, animal control poles, fish and turtle traps, animal handling gloves, and so much more. Look through our online catalog. If we do not have what you are looking for, please let us know. We can custom manufacture traps, cages, graspers and restraint poles for just about any job.

The snake hook also we’re making in different size like 20 inch, 30 inches, 35 inches 40 inches,

The pinkipump has only 1 size

While the animal grabber re in different size like 20 inches, 25 inches, 30 inches, 35 inches, 40 inches, 50 inch its available in aluminum metal it has a steel cable inside

The wide jaw of snake tongs covers more surface area, unlike the standard jaw tongs which can get between the ribs.   The wider surface area ensures that the jaw won’t get in between individual ribs which ensure the comfort and safety for the animal, resting in a much calmer and less agitated animal.

Hand contoured pistol grip handle


Professional grade tongs,

The design of the tongs is the best technology available on the market for safely handling snake humanely

Customize colors tube like





Our Gentle Snake tongs design to handle the reptile and snake safely

Thicker aluminum shaft than any other

  supplying the best quality professional snake hook in different size, and in different style,

We have develop new professional snake hook, in our factory, and in day by day were develop new tools for this industry,


The snake hook is very handy herpetologist tool.  Its use for the safe and easy capture and transportation of snakes.  Its use when it comes to venous snakes, but the moose common is to simply scoop the snake up under its belly and lift it.  The snake is draped over hook, and its then has no leverage with the ground

The Professional snake hook is manufacturing form high quality surgical steel and the black rubber grip on the snake hook which is helpful for the person to grip the hook.


The professional snake hook re in different size likes,

30 inch

35 inch

40 inches


These hook re packed in poly bag


Snake hook

Professional Snake Hook









The best quality Gentle snake tongs, manufacture form high quality Alluvium metal,

Wide jaw design, rubber coated top jaw, completely hidden cable, Polish Aluminum handle and jaw,

Design to handle all sort of snake and other reptile for safety your self

Wide jaw for more Humane Handling, The wider jaw covers more surface areas unlike the standard jaw tongs which can get in between the ribs.  The wider surface area ensure that the surface of the jaw won’t get in the individual ribs which ensure comfort and safety for the animals, resulting in a much calmer and less agitated animals

Hand Countered Pistol Grip handle,

Spring loading jaw for precise pressure

The rubberized top, along with the polished bottom half of the jaws prevent the snake form sliding through.

Essentially you can keep the snake in the position by applying minimal pressure, which also keep the animal in a much calmer state,

The professional Grade tongs,

The design of the tongs is best technology available on the market for safe handling snake humanely

Colors for the tubes re






Gentle Snake tongs

Gentle Snake tongs

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